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Get more done, every day

Offering seamless integration with Google and access from anywhere on your favorite devices, Organiseme helps you get organized to manage your professional and personal to-do's.

Seamless integration into Google G Suite

Companies and organizations using Google G Suite can improve the productivity and collaboration of their employees. Just register with your Google account and you can enjoy our integrations into several G Suite applications. We respect your privacy - so we give you the choice to opt-in for each integration individually. Our Google-like user interface will make you feel the integration even more real.


Turn mails that contain action items or need to be followed-up into tasks in Organiseme. With our Add-on for Gmail creating a task from a mail is just one click away.

Google Calender

Organiseme tasks with a due date are synced with Google Calendar so you can plan and manage your tasks with your appointments in mind.

Google Drive

Attach files stored in Drive to Organiseme tasks. Start working on the document directly from the task.

Google Task

Manage your Organiseme tasks in Google Task while working in any G Suite application. Edit, complete or create new tasks - all automatically synchronized.

Google Sheet

Download task lists to Google Sheet. There you can even copy the task list into a presentation or print it out.

Google Docs

Create a document with action items, e.g. meetings minutes, by entering the items in our Docs add-on. They are added to the document and created as tasks in Organiseme.

Collaborate with others

Collaborate with internal and external persons in project teams, agile squads and tribes or within line organizations. Capture and organize the tasks. Provide clarify about responsibilities and due dates - and give transparency about the current status. So you and your colleagues will get your things done and achieve your goals in time.

Share Task list

Share task lists with colleagues, team or squad members - and everybody has transparency about who needs to do what. Updates like completed or new tasks are immediately visible to all.

Assign tasks

Assign tasks to contacts - or to anybody by entering a mail address. Keep track about a task - whether it was accepted or completed - and which might be late.

Get Notifications

Get notifications when contacts performed a certain action - like accepting or completing a task assigned by you. So you will easily stay up-to-date.

Exchange messages

Send contacts a message - either related to a certain task or in general. Directly communicate with colleagues within Organiseme.

Improve your productivity

Easily structure and organize tasks in to-do lists or kanban boards - whatever fits best for you. Sure you can always switch between both. Filter your tasks e.g. by priority or due date - so you can focus on the tasks to accomplish next. In addition Organiseme offers the following features to support you getting your things done:

Set up to three reminders for a task and become reminded by mail. Do not forget a task again.

Attach any documents stored in Google Drive or Dropbox to a task. Start to work on files directly from the task.

In the note section add more information or external links, giving you all information to do the task.

Receive daily or weekly reports about upcoming tasks. This helps not to forget a task. And gives time to rearrange tasks if needed.

Create repeating tasks once and they appear every week, month or year on the day you specify. So you can focus on execution.

Turn mails into tasks. Just forward the mail that contains actions or need follow-up to an Organiseme address. (Gmail user see above)

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