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Increase your team's productivity

Organiseme supports teams to plan, organize and execute their tasks.

Capture the tasks that need to be done, assign them to team members and keep track about their status.

For teams working in office, home office, different locations or even geographies.

Set up teams in Organiseme

Setup your team in Organiseme - project teams, departments teams - permanent or temporary - all possible.

Create unlimited number of teams - with unlimited team members.

Quickly add or delete team members to adapt to the dynamics in your organization.

Capture and organize teams's tasks

Capture the team's tasks in one place so that tasks can be planned and monitored. And that no task is overlooked.

Then determine the priority and, if necessary, set a completion date.

Organiseme offers both Task Lists and Task Boards (Kanban-Boards) - whatever your team prefers.

Sure you can quickly switch from lists to boards - and back again.

Assign tasks to team members

Capture the team's tasks in one place so that tasks can be planned and monitored. And that no task is overlooked.

So every task has a clearly defined responsible.

And the responsibility is transparent to all team members.

Support collaboration between team members

Organiseme fosters collaboration among team members.

Team members can exchange messages about tasks directly in Organiseme, e.g. to get the best support to get the task done.

In addition team members receive these messages by mail and - optionally - into their Slack account.

Tracking the status of the team's tasks

To ensure milestones and delivery dates will be meet team and project leaders can monitor the status of each task.

The task's status can also be gone through in team or project meetings and updated in real time.

Monitoring the progress of each task ensures deadlines and due dates are met.

Organiseme supports team's getting their things done

Capture all team's task in one place. Prioritize them and assign them to team members.

Organiseme fosters collaboration to support each team member executing their tasks. And it provides an efficient way to monitor the team's tasks status.

Organiseme will bring your team's productivity to a new level.