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Seamlessly integrated with Google

Organiseme is a task management / to-do list application that is seamlessly integrated with several Google services, which are explained in the following:

Register / login with your Google account

The preferred way to register with Organiseme is by using your Google account. Just click on the Google “Sign up” button on the register page and follow the standard Google sign-up procedure steps - and you can directly start using Organiseme.

You still have to enter a password - since our iPhone app is not yet able to login via your Google account, yet only with your email address and this password.

Next time you come back to the web application you just need to clicking on the Google “Sign-up” button - and you are directly logged into Organiseme again.

Integration with Google Sign in


By installing Organiseme from the G Suite marketplace you can enjoy our single sign-on capabilities. Organiseme becomes part of your Google menu - as shown in the following screenshot. Just click on the Organiseme icon and the application is loaded without any additional login step.

Want to install Organiseme as part of your Google menu? Start here.

Integration in Google App menu

Integrated with Google Drive

Add files from Google Drive to your tasks - by selecting one or more files with the Google Drive file picker.

You want to attach a file not yet stored in Google Drive? Upload directly from Organiseme a new file to Google Drive - and the file is automatically attached to your task.

Integration with Google Drive
Organiseme Add-on for Google Docs

After installing our add-on for Docs you can enter action items (e.g. as part of meeting minutes or a protocol) in dedicated entry fields (Step 1) These action items will be added as a table in your Doc document (Step 2) - and are automatically added as tasks to your Organiseme account (Step 3). So you can manage these action items as part of all your tasks.

Install the Organiseme Add-on for Google Docs starting here.

Organiseme Add-on for Google Docs
Organiseme Gadget for Gmail

Turn mails that contain actions into Organiseme tasks. After installing the Organiseme gadget for Gmail there will be a section underneath your mails where you can add further information (e.g. task list, priority, due date) and then turn the mail into an Organiseme task.

The mail subject with be the task description, and the mail body will be in the task note. Manage your actionable mails as part of your tasks - so they will not be lost in the depth of your inbox anymore!

This gadget will be released soon.