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About Organiseme

The idea

There are so many things to do in our family and professional life:

  • Buy groceries and other stuff
  • Keep our household and cars up and running
  • Call and meet friends
  • Organise family events and vacations
  • Prepare meetings and presentations
  • Call colleagues
  • Write documents and memos
  • And more...

We tried to keep track of all of these by writing stricky notes or entering todo list on the computer. But often we did not have the right information when we needed them. And we still forgot task to do.

So in early 2009 the idea was born to develop a task management service, which should provide an easy to use web application and which should also have a rich mobile version, so that all tasks are always accessible on the fingertips.

The development

The development started in mid 2009 by defining the concept for the functionalities. In parallel the layout was designed, so that the user interface supports the handling of the features in the best possible way.

Organiseme went live in October 2010 by offering both the website and a mobile version for accessing the service.

In the future we will work on further enhancements to support you best in managing and solving your tasks. Currently, the focus is on building applications for different smartphones.

So stay tuned for updates.

The team

The service was envisioned and created by a small team in Germany and India.

The founder lives in the south of Germany, close to the Black Forest. Here, not only some of the best cars are produced (Mercedes, Porsche), the region also has a strong standing for IT companies like SAP, IBM and HP  — and now Organiseme.

The major development work was performed in Hyderabad, one of the IT hotspots in India. The implementation team was headed by a marvelous developer, who was responsible for the technical design. Also the ongoing maintenance of the application is done by the team in India.

Now the team continues to define and implement new functionalities to improve the experience with Organiseme.

The mission

The mission of Organiseme is to support you in managing and completing your tasks, duties and projects in private and professional life in the best possible way.

Organiseme provides an online service accessible through the web and through mobile devices (e.g. cell phone), which supports you in organizing your tasks and have them always at hand.

Additionally, Organiseme offers an approach how to use the online service to structure and priorities your tasks to get them done as effective as possible.

Our mission can be boiled down to:

We hope to support you in getting your tasks done efficiently and in time.

Contact info

You want to get in contact with us? Or you have a question?

As a start-up company we are a rather small team currently. Therefore we ask you to send us your request by mail. We will respond in time. Promised.

Please use our request form.