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Features and Pricing

See how Organiseme best supports you / your team in a free 3 month trial
Then select the plan that fits best to get your things done




For individuals and up to 3 team members

  • Manage tasks with task lists
  • Share task lists
  • Full integration in Google Workspace
  • Receive reminder

Price: 18 USD
per user per year

Premium 1


For individuals and up to 7 team members

  • In addition to Basic functions:
  • Organize tasks with task boards
  • Share task boards
  • Integration in Slack (soon)
  • Create recurring tasks

Price: 36 USD
per user per year

Premium 2


For companies, organizations, schools or universities with more than 8 team member

  • Full functionality
  • Collaborate with unlimited number of contacts or team members

Price: 48 USD
per user per year

Organiseme Features
Basic version Premium version
Improve your productivity
Manage tasks in task lists / projects up to 5 unlimited
Manage tasks in task boards (Kanban boards) Yes
Filter tasks by priority or due date Yes Yes
Sort tasks manually Yes Yes
Set reminder for task and get notified by mail or in app Yes Yes
Create recurring tasks Yes
Sync with Organiseme smartphone apps Yes Yes
Collaborate with others
Collaborate with contacts or teams members up to 3 persons Premium 1: up to 8 persons
Premium 2: unlimited
Create unlimited teams Yes Yes
Assign tasks to contacts or team members Yes Yes
Get notified about changes on task assigned to contact / team member Yes Yes
Share task lists with contacts / team Yes Yes
Share task boards with contacts / team Yes
Exchange messages with contacts / team members Yes Yes
Integration into Google G Suite
Add attachments stored in Google Drive to task Yes Yes
Turn mails in Gmail direct into a task in Organiseme with our Gmail add-on Yes Yes
Download task lists with all task to Google Sheet Yes Yes
Synchronize and manage your tasks in Google Task while working in any G Suite application Yes Yes
Display and manage tasks with due date directly in Google Calendar Yes Yes
Further features and integrations
Add notes and links to tasks Yes Yes
Get daily or weeky reports about upcomping tasks Yes Yes
Attach documents stored in Dropbox Yes Yes
Synchronize tasks from Mindmeister mindmap application into Organiseme Yes Yes
Turn mails into task from all mail systems Yes Yes
Payment options