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Support pages - Using the Organiseme for Docs add-on

With our Organiseme for Docs add-on user's can enter action items / tasks into a Docs document - e.g. meeting minutes or protocols - in a structured way. These action items are automatically synchronized to the user's Organiseme account and created as tasks - and so they can be managed as part of all tasks of the user


In the following the handling of the Organiseme for Docs add-on is explained. For installing the add-on please refer to the dedicated installation manual.

Document with action items / tasks

First user's need to open a Docs document where they want to enter action items / tasks. Potentially users will write some content first, like adding a header or the names of the participants. Once the user wants to enter the action items / tasks, the user needs to open the Organiseme Add-on by selecting 'Organiseme' from the Add-on menu.

Starting Organiseme Docs Add-on
Potential login or registering

When the user initiates the Organiseme for Docs add-on for the first time there will be a login screen displayed. When you are already an Organiseme user you can login either with your Google account or with your Organiseme username and password.

In case you are not an Organiseme user yet you can directly sign-in / register with your Google account. Then a new tab opens and you will be asked to select the Google account you want to use for registration, and in the following screen you need to select your country and your language. At the end of the registration procedure you will be logged into the Organiseme application. Feel free to discover the functionalities of Organiseme, and how it can support you getting your things done. In order to continue with entering action items / tasks in your Docs document you need to switch back to the tab, reload the document and select again 'Organiseme' from the Add-on menu.

Login or registering with Organiseme
Enter action items / tasks

When you are logged in a dialog box will be opened in front of the document. Here the user needs to enter each action item / task in a dedicated text field. By default five text fields are displayed. - by clicking on the plus (+) icon on the right of the text entry field at the bottom another text entry fields can be added. There is no limitation for creating action items.

Organiseme Docs Add-on with entered action items

Since in Organiseme a priority is mandatory for each task it is also required to assign a priority in the dialog box. By default each action item's priority is 'Low', yet the user can change this by clicking on the star icon on the left of each text entry field. The priority colors are identical like in Organiseme.

Above the text entry fields for the action items there is a pop-up menu. This contains the Organiseme tasks lists that have been synchronized to the Docs Add-on. Here the user needs to specify in which of his / her tasks lists the tasks should be created in Organiseme.

Once the user has entered all ation items / tasks, assigned the right priority and selected the task list he / she just needs to push the 'Add' button.

Organiseme Docs Add-on with entered action items
Table with action items added to document

After pressing the 'Add' button the dialog box will disappear, and a table will be added to the document. This table contains two columns:

  • Action item
  • Priority

In this table the action items and their priority are displayed. Sure the user can adapt the layout of the table according to his / her preferences.

Table with action items created by Organiseme Docs Add-on
Tasks automatically synchronized to Organiseme

In the background the action items data is transferred to the user's Organiseme account where for each action item a task will be created with the specified priority, and in the task list selected by the user in the Docs Add-on. Now the user can e.g. add a reminder or due date to the task, or assign it to one of this contacts.

Tasks in Organiseme created from Docs Add-on


We hope our Organiseme for Docs add-on will support you in getting your tasks done!