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Support pages - The Board view

In the Board view you organize your tasks in a new, visual way - your tasks are displayed as cards - like sticky notes on a board. You sort your tasks by columns where columns represent stages or categories - like To Do, In Progress or Completed. With this Board view you can apply different work or project management methodologies like Kanban or Scrum.

Visualize progress

When opening the board view the following three default columns are displayed:

  • To Do
  • In Progress
  • Completed

With these categories / columns you can visualize the progress of completing your tasks.

Board view - Visualize progress
Change category by drag-and-drop

Assign all tasks that you need to achieve in general or for a certain project to the "To Do" column. Once you start executing a task, you move it to the 'In Progress" column. Just click on the task you want to move, hold down the button and drag the task to the column and position within the columns where you want to place it. Release the button, and the task will be inserted. When the task is completed you move it to the "Complete" column and tick off the check box.

Board view - Move task to other column

You can visualize the progress of your own task - or use the Board view to discuss and align the tasks in your team.

Create tasks in Board view

You can create a task directly in the Board view by clicking the '+' icon in each category / column. Then you can enter the task description and save the task. Right after you can also assign priority, due date, notes - or even assign the task to one of your contacts or another person. The category - like To Do, In Progress or Completed - has been automatically assigned to the task, depending on the column where you clicked the '+' icon.

Board view - Various Edit options
Assign tasks created outside Board view

Tasks that you have created outside the Board view (e.g. list view) do not have a category assigned. These tasks will be displayed in the "Non-categorized tasks" column on the left. You can hide / unhide this column by clicking on the button in the header row.

Board view - Non-categorized tasks

By dragging-and-dropping a tasks to the relevant category / column in your Board you assign the task to this category.

This works also the opposite way: by dragging a task from one of the category columns and dropping the task in the no-categorized task column the category is deleted for this task.

Customize categories

You can change the label of a category / column by clicking on the label. Then you can edit the label according to your needs.

Board view - Change column label

You can also add new category / column by clicking on the + icon on the right side of the right column.

Board view - Create column

Ultimately you can create as many columns as you want and you can name then for whatever you need.


For deleting a complete column / category move the mouse pointer above the column. Then a x will appear in the upper right corner of the column. When clicking on this x, the column will be deleted, and the category of these tasks will be erased, so that these tasks are displayed in the non-categorized column.

Board view - Delete column
Filter displayed tasks

You can specify which tasks are visible on the Board view by setting the filters for the different task list. By clicking on the third icon from the left you can hide / unhide the subheader. In the subheader your task lists are displayed. By checking / un-checking the checkbox in front of a task list you specify whether the tasks from this list should be displayed on the board - or not.

Board view - Select task list filter
Plan by day

Instead of using the Board to visualize the progress of your task you can also setup a weekly view to plan your tasks day-by-day. Just rename / create the columns like the days of a week.

Board view - Week view
Actions on a task

In the Board view you can perform (almost) the same actions with a task than in other views. Just move the mouse above the task - and you will see the same icons then in the other views - with one exception for the responsible person:

  • Edit the task description by double-clicking on the description. Then the whole task turns into an text entry box, and you can edit the description.
  • Change priority by clicking on the priority star
  • Complete a task by checking the completion check box
  • Assign, change or delete a due date - all in the known dialog box
  • Assign, change or delete a reminder - also in the known dialog box
  • Add, edit or delete a note. Here a new dialog box appears
  • Assign the task to a contact. Here you need to click on the profile photo or the blue circle with the initials - then the dialog box for selecting the contact or entering the email address - and optional also a message - appears.

Identical to the list view a task menu pops-up when the user moves the mouse above the three dots. The task menu adapts whether the task is in your responsibility, assigned to you by a contact or assigned to a contact by you. Depending on the case you can perform several of the following actions:

  • Move the task to another list
  • Delete the task
  • Send the contact a message
  • Call the task back
  • Give the task back.

This is absolute identical to the task menu in the list views. The only task function that is missing is that you cannot add attachments to a task.